By KatNip Productions (other events)

9 Dates Through Nov 07, 2020


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The Cricklewood Theater Company in association with KatNip Productions presents “The Sleepover”, an online, interactive show that takes us back to middle-school in the ‘90s. Nostalgia reigns as you’re invited to a sleepover by new kid Mikey, while his moody older sister Louise has been left to babysit. Watch SNICK, explore the basement, use some free AOL hours, tell ghost stories, and stay up till midnight!

One ticket is good for however many guests in your home feel comfortable in front of one computer/laptop. This show is rated PG for use of the word "betch", a flip of the bird, and sibling squabbling.

This show is as immersive as you'd like it to be, so feel free to dress up and bring snacks, ready to interact, or sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

FEATURING: Janson Lalich, Susan Louise O'Connor, Misha Reeves Bybee, Joey Bybee, Lena Valentine, and Chrissy Saucier

“The Sleepover” is an hour-long internet-based experience geared towards adults, but suitable for guests of all ages. Guests are welcome to interact with cast and each other, and to dress the part of their middle-school-selves. LA-area Ticket holders will have the option of purchasing a 90s-themed goodie-bag delivered to enhance their experience.

Run Time: 60 minutes